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Marie Webster was a leader of the quilt revival of
the early 20th century. She wrote the first book of
quilt history, Quilts: Their Story and How to Make
Them, published in 1915, and was known world-
wide for her innovative appliqué quilt designs,
which appeared in leading magazines like the
Ladies Home Journal. A pioneering woman
entrepreneur, Marie Webster conducted a thriving
mail-order quilt pattern business from her home in
Marion between 1911 and 1942. Marie Webster’s
house has been designated as a National Historic
Landmark, the highest honor bestowed by the
National Park Service on America’s most
treasured historic and cultural resources.
The significance of the house was officially recognized in
1992 when it was placed on the National Register of
Historic Places. It is also been designated a Landmark of
Women's History and declared a National Historic
Landmark by the National Park Service, the only one which
honors a quilt maker!
Before Restoration
After Restoration
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